Come with us on a tour into Skippers Canyon. There you will find your own photographer's paradise. For Food and Wine Lovers, we recommend our wine tours. Though the ultimate connoisseur would combine Skippers Canyon with a wine tour. What about you?

Unforgettable Skippers Canyon

A visit to Skippers Canyon is one of the best tours to do in Queenstown. You will visit Queenstown’s backcountry and gain an insight into the wonderland of Skippers Canyon. World famous for the gold rush, it is steep in history and offers a goldmine of photo opportunities for you to encounter.

During 4 hours, embark on this true kiwi experience. You travel in comfortable 4WD minibuses, forward-faced and equipped with big viewing windows; you can’t miss the spectacular grandeur of Skippers Canyon. We will invite you to step out of the minibus quite frequently. If you choose to do this, you will have all the time you need to take timeless pictures of the breathtaking landscapes.

One of the highlights on this tour is the outdoor picnic. While you connect to Skippers Canyon’s historic past by strolling through the restored Skippers Schoolhouse we prepare some refreshments: home-made cheese, coffee or tea accompanied by some sweet biscuits make this tour in Queenstown truly unforgettable.

Daily departures / NZD170.—for Adults / Minimum of 2 people / Winter operation is limited

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Skippers Canyon Vista

Whether you will come for a quick dash to Queenstown or stay a little longer, a visit to the World famous historic Skippers Canyon is certainly a must-do. We understand though that you have plenty of options to keep yourself busy in this lovely mountain resort. For this reason, we offer you a 3 hours tour into Skippers Canyon.

This tour is the perfect match for all your other activities. For example, you might visit with us Skippers Canyon in the morning after you slept in, take a sandwich in town and do a Bungy Jump in the afternoon. Or you could combine this Skippers tour with a Rafting trip on the Kawarau River.

Which ever option you choose, Skippers Canyon Vista is a wonderful tour to unwind your mind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the adrenaline pumped activities in Queenstown. Our 4WD minibuses take you comfortably and safely into this goldmine of photo opportunities. We stop for you on demand and offer you all the time you require to collect impressions of this historic area. We are convinced that your pictures will impress your family and friends back at home.

Daily departures / NZD140.—for Adults / Minimum of 2 people / Winter operation is limited

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Wine & Culture Tour

If joining a big bus for some wine tastings is not for you, you might be interested in this niche attraction Wine and Culture Tour. We specialize in smaller groups and Boutique vineyards where you can enjoy the tastings of Central Otago’s delicious wines at your own pace.

This afternoon attraction will start with an a la carte Lunch accompanied by the first wine tasting. Here you have time to reflect on all the impressions you collected so far while visiting New Zealand. After Lunch, we take you with our comfortable 4WD minibus to 2 other Boutique wineries. Enjoy the explanations offered about those delicisous wines while basking in the beautiful scenery along the way. All wine tastings as well as the a la carte Lunch are included in this tour.

Daily departures except for Public Holidays / NZD175.—for Adults / Minimum of 2 people / Winter operation is limited

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Canyon & Wine Tour

Combine Skippers Canyon with a vineyard lunch and wine tastings in the afternoon – this is our Canyon and Wine Tour. You will not find such a combination anywhere else in Queenstown.

This full day tour in Queenstown is aimed for the moderate thrill seeker. You visit Skippers Canyon in the morning. Enjoy the scenery and the historic background of this World famous attraction in Queenstown. Around noon, you will arrive at a Boutique winery, taste wines there and indulge in an a la carte Lunch. The afternoon fully belongs to relaxation, small talk and tasting the delicious wines of Central Otago.

Following the motto ‘ 1 day – 1 operator’ you will most likely enjoy this tour only with your loved one. Our Canyon and Wine Tour is a true niche attraction in Queenstown and specializes in smaller groups. All wine tastings as well as the a la carte Lunch are included in this tour.

Daily departures except for Public Holidays / NZD315.—for Adults / Minimum of 2 people / Winter operation is limited

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